In 2019 I participated in Inktober for the second time. One drawing a day for every day of October. 

This year I decided to push myself a little harder, by attempting to draw little scenes rather than just individual subjects, with more depth and elements of storytelling where possible. The challenge was increased due to the autumn of 2019 having been exceptionally busy for me. Finding the time to work on daily drawings was not always easy, and I would often find myself doing several drawings a day in order to keep up. 

Nevertheless, I again found it incredibly rewarding to do the second time around and I am really pleased with how some of them turned out.

Day 1: Ring
Day 2: Mindless
Day 3: Bait
Day 4: Freeze
Day 5: Build
Day 6: Husky
Day 7: Enchanted
Day 8: Frail
Day 9: Swing
Day 10: Pattern
Day 11: Snow
Day 12: Dragon
Day 13: Ash
Day 14: Overgrown
Day 15: Legend
Day 16: Wild
Day 17: Ornament
Day 18: Misfit
Day 19: Sling
Day 20: Tread
Day 21: Treasure
Day 22: Ghost
Day 23: Ancient
Day 24: Dizzy
Day 25: Tasty
Day 26: Dark
Day 27: Coat
Day 28: Ride
Day 29: Injured
Day 30: Catch
Day 31: Ripe

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