In 2018 I participated in Inktober for the first time, where you are challenged to create one ink drawing every day for the whole month of October. 

I like to draw, but I often find it hard to come up with a subject, so having a list of suggested themes and being encouraged to keep it up on a daily basis was great. 

While I have seen some people draw breathtakingly beautiful works for Inktober, I ended up making little 'doodles' of subjects and scenes, and I'm really happy with how some of them turned out.   
Day 1: Poisonous
Day 2: Tranquil
Day 3: Roasted
Day 4: Spell
Day 5: Chicken
Day 6: Drooling
Day 7: Exhausted
Day 8: Star
Day 9: Precious
Day 10: Flowing
Day 11: Cruel
Day 12: Whale
Day 13: Guarded
Day 14: Clock
Day 15: Weak
Day 16: Angular
Day 17: Swollen
Day 18: Bottle
Day 19: Scorched
Day 20: Breakable
Day 21: Drain
Day 22: Expensive
Day 23: Muddy
Day 24: Chop
Day 25: Prickly
Day 26: Stretch
Day 27: Thunder
Day 28: Gift
Day 29: Double
Day 30: Jolt
Day 31: Slice
On the whole I found doing Inktober thoroughly fulfilling. It allowed me to get some much needed pen and paper drawing practice as well as expanding the way I look at subjects when trying to come up with ideas for things to draw. I'm absolutely going to be taking part in future challenges. 

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